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Winter League
WINTER LEAGUE ~ 2019-2020 Rules and Regulations






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The Ladies Summer Hockey League is a NON-CONTACT league aimed at keeping hockey fun! All players are expected to display sportsmanlike conduct, both on and off the ice. Aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. The LSHL reserves the right to suspend or expel any participant without warning.

Please note that insurance is not provided and that this league is not OWHA sanctioned.
  • All players, coaches and bench staff must register with the Ladies Summer Hockey League prior to participating.
  • All players and bench staff must sign the game sheet each week - players must confirm that their sweater number is correct.
  • Teams may not borrow players from another team, with the exception of a goalie.
  • Any team allowing an unregistered player to participate will automatically forfeit the game by a score of 3-0.
  • Any player that participates on a team other than the one that she is registered with will be suspended for a minimum of one game.
  • A late player may join the game provided that she has reported to the timekeeper prior to the start of the third period and is registered with that team.
  • Except where otherwise stated, Hockey Canada rules apply.
  • Neck guards are mandatory, and any player without a neck guard will not be allowed to play until producing one. Note that a spare bag of equipment, including neck guards, is available - return items right after your game.
  • If a team does not have a goalie, slap-shots will NOT be allowed on the empty net from within the blue line.
Games will consist of 1 x 12 minute and 2 x 10 minute stop-time periods. A two-minute warm up will be provided. There is no overtime and no time-outs in the regular season.

If a team does not have six players ready to play at the end of the warm-up, the clock will be started and they will be given until the end of the first period to ice a team. Once the team is ready, the clock is stopped and the offending team is given a 2 minute penalty for delay of game. The clock is restarted when the game commences. If the offending team is not ready to play at the end of the first period then the game is defaulted.

Teams are discouraged against running up the score of a game. To deter this, the league will only record the final score up to a five-goal spread. Individual stats for the extra goals will not be counted. Also, if there is a five-goal spread during the third period, the clock may continue to run until such time as it is back to a four-goal spread.

Penalties: Once a player or team official has been suspended from a game, he/she cannot return to the ice/bench to participate in any post-game ceremonies (hand-shaking, presentations, etc.). Persons found participating while under suspension will be subject to further suspension.

***Any team whose penalty minutes exceed 100 will be issued a warning. If the penalty minutes reach 130, a $50 fine will be assessed to the team.

Minor Penalties are two minutes in length. Any three infractions in one game will result in suspension from the rest of the game.

Major Penalties are five minutes in length. Any player who receives a major penalty will also receive a Game Misconduct automatically and will be suspended for the remainder of the game, as well as face additional suspensions.

Game Misconduct Penalties, in addition to suspension from the rest of the game, will result in additional game suspensions.

Gross Misconduct and Match Penalties will result in a minimum additional two game suspension with possible expulsion for the rest of the season

The L.S.H.L reserves the right to add additional suspensions; there are no appeals.
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WINTER LEAGUE ~ 2019-2020 Playoff Rules
The standings are determined in the order of the most points at the end of the regular season. If teams are tied, the following order is used to break the tie: the team with the most overall wins; the team with the least losses; the team with the least penalty minutes; the team with the best plus/minus ratio; the team with the best overall record against the other team; a flip of the coin.

To be eligible for playoffs, you must have participated in a least six regular season games.

All playoff games will be 3 x 10 minutes stop time. One time out per team will be allowed. Any penalties incurred during regular play will be carried over into overtime.

If teams are tied in any Semi-Final game, teams will play an additional 5-minute, stop time "sudden death" period, four on four. If still tied, there will be a three-player shoot out. If still tied, three different players will shoot, and so on. Note: When one team has gone through their roster, the other team may also reuse shooters.

If teams are tied in any Division Final game, teams will play an additional 5 minute stop time "sudden death" period, four on four. If still tied, there will be an additional 5 minute stop time "sudden death" period, three on three.

If teams are still tied then, a shoot out will follow. Reminder that it is never sudden death in the shoot-out; it is always multiples of three. Teams do NOT need to assign their shooters prior to the game.
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WINTER LEAGUE ~ 2019-2020 Playoff Format
In divisions where there are eight teams - all teams will make the playoffs. For the semi-finals, teams will be divided into two divisions consisting of the top four teams and the bottom four teams. That is 1 vs. 4; and 2 vs. 3 in one division; and 5 vs. 8 and 6 vs. 7 for the second division.

Only the winning teams of the Semi-Final games will advance to the Finals.

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